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yesterday I could get on the internet fine, now I cannot get on internet with ethernet windows 7 64 bit
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  1. does the network notification in windows say it's connected?
    can you still ping your router?
    can you log into your router's config page?
  2. is it a corporate network?
  3. proxy?
  4. Was on phone with Dell for 3 hours and they kept telling me it was my router and I disagreed so they said have a nice day, I then decided to check a few things after I reset everything they changed and also checked sharing and what do you know I now connect to the internet with my wireless..

    I want to thank all who tried to help
  5. For future reference, when you ask about an issue, you need to list exactly what is happening, what setup you are using, what you tried to do, etc...

    Saying something worked but is not now is useless for anyone to help you without guessing. Your house could have burned down, that would cause no internet access.
  6. I tried to when it dosent work how can I tell you whats wrong, and your reply is insulting to say the least, with answers like yours who would want to ask for you help....
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