HP Pavilion dv9000 upgrade to windows 7

I am attempting to install a new HD and update OS to Win7. However, I keep getting "NTLDR missing" message.

The laptop originally had Vista OS installed. Unable to determine direction to get to install.


I have re-formatted drive, and am going to run software to determine if my new drive is bad. Other than these options, I am baffled!

Help Please...?
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  1. It's not clear if you are adding a second drive or replacing the original. If you have removed the original drive and put the new one in, it can't boot as there is nothing on it. if on the other hand you have room for 2 drives and added a second one then you will need to make sure that the original drive is set as the first hdd to boot.
    If you plan on installing W7 on the new drive there is no need to format it beforehand, W7 will do it after you run setup.
  2. Place the windows 7 DVD in the drive and set your computer to boot from it. As Jonmor68 noted windows will take care fo the format.
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