Windows 7 cannot detect bluetooth on Compaq 610 laptop

I have installed Windows 7 Ultinate on my Compaq 610 laptop but it won't discover the built-in blue tooth. I have downloaded the driver from HP Site but the driver also comes up with an error that no device found, cancel installation. please help. My email is
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  1. What are you trying to connect to it? it can't do anything on it's own. It's a bit like a usb cable plugged in to the pc at one end, and the other is left hanging there. It won't work until you plug something in to the other end and turn it on.
  2. Did this work before you installed Win 7? Drivers are bellow under Networking. You may not have bluetooth in the computer or it may be broken. I dealt with someone who had Bluetooth listed on the laptop order form, but did not actually have it in the system, he had to get a new laptop shipped over.
  3. I experience the same issue, my system"hp compaq 610" has an inbuilt bluetooth that was working when i was using window7 home premium, i change to window 7 ultimate and the bluetooth stop working. please what do i do?
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