Any reason to buy XBOX?

anybody here have it? i just bought a 40" tv and would like to play games etc on it. how is the xbox selection? anything i should know about it? pros? cons?

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  1. Pro about XBOX: have better graphic power than PS2 and NGC.
    Great Sports game titles and XBOX live feature.
    Hard drive come in standered.
    Cons: big fat and ugly. doesn't have as much great games as PS2.
    Even it "had" the best graphic ability, still peace of crap compare
    to todays high-end PC graphic cards.

    Personally, if you dont play PC games, I would say XBOX is worth to buy
    for all it fun football games playing live, its great.
    It does have some great FPS games like spliter cell and HALO
    for people who do play PC games, go with PS2...they got better RPGs

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  2. Right now, the only reason I would buy an XBOX that I could think of would be ESPN NFL Football 2005. It is about the only game not for PC that is on XBOX. FPS's like Halo and stuff I would rather play on the pc.

    "This means that you can play over a network, just not with each other."-PC GAMER review
  3. ""Any reason to buy XBOX?""

    There is one - it's CHEAP.

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  4. Buy an XBOX to play HALO (unless you have PC version). Deathmath (1v1) HALO on a 40" is cool. HALO alone is worth it.
    Buy an XBOX if you want to mod it and play MAME games.
    Buy an XBOX if you want to subscribe to XBOX Live
    XBOX has plenty of cool racing games, sports games, etc

    Buy a Sony PS2 if you don't mind the noise, and want the largest game selection (most of which suck anyway, IMHO -- I don't own one for various personal reasons)

    Buy a Nintendo Gamecube if you like Metroids and Zelda, and Mario games. It's worth it for those (for Metroids, anyway).

    I ended up with 2 XBOX's (so we can play 1 on 1 HALO with 2 TV's) and a Gamecube (which hasn't seen much use since finishing Metroids and Zelda). (and GBA, PS1, nintendo 64, super nintendo) (I don't even know what happened to my old PS1 and Original GameBoy and the original nintendo is broken)
  5. i think xbox is the way im gonna go. gotta figure with m.s. behind it, they will keep throwing $$ at it. what do you mean by, "Buy an XBOX if you want to mod it and play MAME games. Buy an XBOX if you want to subscribe to XBOX Live"?
    what are mame games and how do i mod an xbox and what do i get by subscribing to xbox live? also, where do i subscribe?

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  6. From what I understand, you can modify an XBOX to have it run different software. MAME is an app that emulates arcade games (i think), so basically you could play arcade games on your XBOX that are stored on the hard drive. XBOX Live is the online service for XBOX.

    "This means that you can play over a network, just not with each other."-PC GAMER review
  7. Do a google on MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). MAME allows you to play all the arcade games on your PC using ROM dumps from the original machine. Great for PacMan, DonkeyKong, Joust, robotron and all others (something like 3900 games have been ported). You should install MAME on your PC. It's great! (Also, I bought a cable that adapts my XBOX controller to the USB so I use it on my PC also.)

    Modding an XBOX is accomplished by putting in a Mod chip that allows you to boot another OS (requires voiding warranty, soldering, etc). There is a whole culture surrounding Modded XBOX's, including illegal BIOS's that allow you to play copied games or play games from XBOX hard disk.

    XBOX Live is Microsoft's online service for multiplayer XBOX games. It is a subscription service, but is supposedly very cool. Personally, I don't subscribe so I can't tell you much about it.
  8. It's cheap to get an xbox now. There's not much of a loss that you have to worry about. Nonetheless, if you play PC games it's really not that great.

    I'm personally more in favor of Gran Turismo so if it was me I would go the PS route.

    Better yet, depending on your tv, get a wireless keyboard and mouse and output your PC to it.

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  9. Support Bill Gates.


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  10. I just bought an Xbox myself and I'm really pretty satisfied with it. The single reason I bought the Xbox is Ninja Gaiden, one of the coolest console games I've ever played. I'm also looking forward to Sudeki and Fable which will be released later this year.

    The thing to keep in mind about the Xbox is that there really arent many RPG's available for it. I could count them all on 1 hand. But the ones that are out there are pretty damn good. I've also played a few of the baseball/football games available for Xbox and they're good fun.

    Xbox Live! is a service you subscribe to that allows you to use your home internet connection to find and connect with Xbox players online for multiplayer gaming.
  11. I second the Ninja Gaiden recommendation. Ninja Gaiden kicks all manner of ass, across the board.

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  12. There is now a good selection of good games for it. Also xbox live is probably the best online service for consoles. Also it will have HALO 2 and Fable. Or you could save your money and buy a XBOX 2 when it comes out.
  13. hmmm.... xbox 2? whats the deal with that? havent heard anything about xbox 2....

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  14. Delayed now IBM 0.09u shift is being problematic... surprise surprise.


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  15. Xbox 2 wont be around until Q4 2005 at the earliest.
  16. no, there really isn't any good reason to buy an xbox. and don't you have to have a broadband connection for the internet for xbox?
  17. Hi,
    I wanted to get a xbox, because it is better the the ps2. ( hard drive , built in ethernet) . But all my friends have ps2. So I got ps2. We hook them up together and play lan games ( socom2, offroad fury, madden ( via online) and others ) We can also trade games. So you might check out what your friends have. I think the consoles are fine platforms. I like the controllers and the image is on a big tv, not a 19" moniter. I run games at 1600x1200x32 @85 and they look great. I do play lan games on 3 computers hooked up, but the tv is more fun. We are all in the same area and it seems to work better. So look at what systems your friends have. And Madden 2005 will be online for xbox this year for the 1st time ever. That is the biggest improvement. Michael

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