Low fps on Windows 7

I got
CPU: Phenom 2 x4 B55 @ 3.6
GPU:Ati 5850 @ stock
OS:Windows 7 Ultimate x64
4 GB of RAM

Why do i have lower fps on Wndows 7 than Windows XP?Any tips or suggestion..
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  1. How much lower?
    What games?
  2. mi1ez said:
    How much lower?
    What games?

    Uhm Left 4 dead 2,RE5,NBA2k11, etc..
    and even benchmark with crysis. almost half and sometimes half.Example with left 4 dead 2 i only got 50-110 fps with
    Windows 7 same thing goes when i still have gt 220.I thought if upgrade GPU it will be the same speed as XP but
    not.All games i played seems to have lower fps with Windows 7.What should I do then

  3. Are your drivers up to date?
  4. Herr_Koos said:
    Are your drivers up to date?

    yes all of the drivers..GPU=revision 10.12 from amd's site.is there something wrong with my system?
  5. check kernel time while running your games. it's possible device has a bad driver and is causing the computer to slow down.
  6. Kewlx25 said:
    check kernel time while running your games. it's possible device has a bad driver and is causing the computer to slow down.

    This is kernel time right?

    this is taken while NFS HotPursuit is running.
    Is this good or bad?

    This is the driver i download/installed from amd

  7. What's your power supply? Have you got enough juice for a 5850?
  8. Which edition of Windows 7 are you running? Also, it could be due to DirectX. In XP, you run DX9 which is all smooth but you may be running native DX11 or DX10 in some older games which could lead to slowdown.
  9. dont nfs hot persuit use two cores, why in cpu usage is it only using one core?
  10. i only got 500 watts for now..but if I upgrade to 750 will that solve the issue?
    I got Windows 7 x64 Ultimate..

    I don't know I just play a game and never checked if all cores are used
  11. Left 4 Dead 2 - disable multi-core rendering in the options, its about all i can add for that...
  12. here I download the driver from amd's site

  13. Ok now I upgraded to 800 watts PSU still getting low fps on games..
    I tried 800/1060/1330 for ram..
    Tried locked,3 cores and 4 cores still same performance..
    And to think I only play with 1440x900 max resolution
    Does my cpu bottleneck my 5850?
  14. No way your excellent CPU is being is the bottle neck in your system.

    When you're not gaming are you still getting pretty high CPU and network activity?
    Check the Resource Monitor.
    At the Start Menu type in resource and choose Resource Monitor from the list of Programs. Monitor the CPU and Network activity after your system has been on for about an hour, at a period when it's at idle loads.
  15. Only 1% CPU usage on idle..
    Here's what i got on some games..All max settings
    Dead Rising 2:
    33-88 FPS with FRAPS


    Resident Evil 5:
    DX10-76,50,42,48 FPS
    DX9-119,102,85,96 FPS

    So,this means u lose half of your FPS if u run DX10?
    and with my 1440x900 resolution is this normal fps with my pc specs?
  16. Tnx 4 all the reply guys..
    Finally,solved the problem.
    Now I know that you don't need latest driver for 5850 in my own opinion.
    Got different results with different drivers don't know why..
    Found out 10.1 and 10.6 catalyst is the best driver for my card.
    Again,thank you for all the tips/suggestion guys :)
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