Annoying Windows 7 instalation problem

I bought a 1tb Hitachi deskstar internal drive and when I try to fresh install , when it asks me to pick a hard drive it doesn't recognise any of them (even the ones that were working and I was using before I tried to add the new hard drive) I don't think the new hard drive needs drivers but not sure..

So what I really want is to start a fresh 64bit Windows copy and then copy the stuff I wanted from old hard drives ..
Pc been not working now for about a week..I'm sure I'm just missing something small but hope you guys can help
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    Are your drives SATA drives?

    If so, verify that all the drives have the power and data cables plugged in.
  2. I'm nearly sure there SATA ..they have the little L shaped connector I will check power cables now . Psu is corsair 650
  3. Ok there's a sata l shaped connector then a longer L shaped connector Guatemala matches the power cables then a small two pin thing on hdd I don't think that's needed..

    When I boot without disk it says disk boot failure, insert system disk andd press enter
  4. Sorry excuse the spelling and strange word I'm using an android phone to type this
  5. Check out this pic. The top is an IDE drive, the bottom is SATA. They are pretty easy to tell apart.

    Some SATA drives have jumpers on them, to downclock to the SATA 1.5GB speed.

    When trying to do a fresh install, you'll be booting off your DVD drive. So make sure that's the first boot device in the BIOS. You should at least be able to boot off that, even if it's not recognizing the hard drive(s).
  6. Ye it is sata..its a new hdd but is there different types of sata? Or newer versions? This is pretty recent...but it brings me through Windows installation fine just when it comes to pick a hard drive nothing show and it gives me an option to load drivers..

    And I can't just go back to my old c drive because I screwed up the order of the drives and now the file is missing for that..

    Is there any drivers you need for doing a fresh install inn a hdd fresh out of the box?
  7. Go into the BIOS, and verify that your drives are showing there. Also, verify that SATA is enabled in the BIOS.

    Go to the motherboard manufacturer's website, and look for a SATA driver.

    I thought all versions of W7 had SATA support, but I could be wrong there. What version of W7 are you installing? I trust that it's a legal version?
  8. I suspect that when it's giving an option to load drivers, that may be for a raid configaration. No drivers are required for standard sata instalation.
    Check bios to see what mode the sata drives are in, if Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) then change it to IDE/PATA compatability and try again.
  9. I am in integrated peripherals.. it says

    1.chip IDE channel enabled
    2.chip sata controller enabled
    3. Chip sata type: native IDE ( or options of raid or ahci)

    Then it says onchip sata port 4/5 type : IDE

    Il post pics now of everything
  10. Which slot should I have hard drive connected to on MB us it Sata_2 0 or sata_2 1 ..or is it higher
  11. SATA_2 0 is fine. Either will do, really. They are just multiple ports that run on the SATA 2 speed.

    Try changing your On Chip Sata type Native IDE setting.
  12. I been reading things on Google..would it have to to with sata controller? Or would flashing the BIOS to a new version help.. I don't understand why everything stopped working when I plugged in new hdd
  13. An outdated BIOS can cause a number of issues, but I would hope that your current BIOS was capable of recognizing hard drives attached to it's SATA ports.

    This may be a dumb question, but have you tried disconnecting that hard drive, to see if your other SATA drives are recognized? You do have more than this 1 SATA device don't you?
  14. yeah i had a sata drive connected and an older ide drive and had them working at the same time then everything went astray when i tryed to connect the new one. I just got NTLDR is missing

    heres my motherboard i see they have new bios versions and drivers wonder could any help me
  15. Try replacing your old SATA hard drive with the new one. Use the same cable and port, just swap the drives.
  16. Nope it wont recognise anything except the ide dvd drive:? ok i downloaded the newet bios file for my mb and am loading it on to pc now says pass..hope it didnt screw it up :/
  17. If you've got the jumper on the drive, remove it.
  18. I dont think i ever had a jumper on it.. I have usb stick in and it is recognising that in hard disk boot priority ..? but nothing else...this is so strange
  19. liamthepirate said:
    Ok there's a sata l shaped connector then a longer L shaped connector Guatemala matches the power cables then a small two pin thing on hdd I don't think that's needed.

    I thought you said there was a jumper on that new SATA drive?
  20. yes your right i did say this..What should i do with this?
  21. If it has a jumper on it, just remove it. If it's capable of SATA II speeds, your port is as well, so it doesn't need to be down clocked by the jumper.
  22. Did you remove the IDE drive when you installed the new drive? If not by adding the new drive the drive order may have changed.
    If the IDE drive contained systems files then changing the drive order would give that error. So if you removed it reconnect it.
    If you havn't changed the cables around since you have had this problem, try disconnecting the new drive to see if it boots up.
    If it does, go into bios and check the order the drives are in. Then reconnect the new drive and go into bios again and make sure the new drive is set after the other two.
  23. yeah i think i did disconnect the IDE drive because the wires were in the way and im guessing that this is what has screwed it all up..

    It just aint recognising any drives except dvd drive and usb flash drive .. Im so confused
  24. Ok get this i Connected the Old ass IDE drive and Windows ME loaded up haha...I dont even know how that is when i formated that hard drive when i connected it to see if there were any old photos on it.

    So now it is reading that old hdd but its acting kinda strange all those little coloured square dancing around everywhere..but i wonder could i install windows 7 on this old drive just for the mean while?

    Would that bring me closer to getting the sata drives working if i could do that
  25. It wouldn't help if it's not recognizing your SATA drives/interface.
  26. Try disconnecting all drives except the new drive. Win7 can be a bit picky if it sees other drive(s) in the system that have or had an OS installed on them at one time or another, being XP or Win7.

    I also have had the great pleasure with installing a drive that was perfectly fine but at one time it was part of a raid 0 setup and Win7 would not detect the drive when installing. I tried formating the drive and that didn't work. I actually had to low level format that drive to get it to work.

    For the most part I think your running into the same issue. Win7 has thrown me a few curve balls that I have never seen but overall it's a great OS. Just picky on install.
  27. Sorry not trying to hijack this thread but I figured I would add this tidbit of information when installing Win7. I recently installed Win7 on a new drive and Win7 installed the MBR on the storage drive and not on the new drive and when I set the new drive as the Priority drive in the bios, Win7 would not boot. New one for me, in the end I forgot to set the new drive in the BIOS as the Priority drive before installing Win7. Lesson learned the hard way. To resolve this I had to create a new MBR on the new drive. Good Times.
  28. I see well i just cant get it to recognise the sata drives in bios but it will read dvds ide drives and usb drives .. What should my bios setings be for sata setup
  29. What are your options/Selections under On Chip SATA Type and under Hard Disk Boot Priority whats the order? I noticed under the Hard Disk Boot Priority that you have it set as:

    First Boot Device: Hard Disk
    Second Boot Device: Hard Disk
    Third Boot Device: CDROM

    When installing an OS it should be:

    First Boot Device: CDROM
    Second Boot Device: Hard Disk
    Third Boot Device: Disable
  30. I have Native IDE , RAID or ACHI under chip type

    In hard disk boot priority it just says usb stick which is 1 and bootable add-in cards is 2.. no hard drives .. this is driving me crazy :s
  31. Try changing it to ACHI and remove the usb stick, basically brake it down to the basics. One HD(New Drive), CDROM(For Install), CPU, RAM and VID and nothing else.

    And at this point it doesn't hurt to start from scratch. Like setting the BIOS to default settings. Even clearing the CMOS.

    And PC's can drive you crazy if you let them but in the end it will get resolved by process of elimination and collective knowledge by other users/techs. Just got to keep at it and walk away to take a breather to regroup.
  32. Enable AHCI in the BIOS. Then download the AHCI driver for the motherboard, and load it during the install.
  33. ok i think i have been picking x86 version of windows but trying to load x64 drivers thats why it cant detect no drives from usb stick.. Is x86=64bit? it wont let me boot from cd now i going to reset the bios ust gota figure out sure i can do this just a matter of time
  34. x86 is 32 bit. x86-64 (aka x64) is 64 bit.
  35. ok il keep that in mind. I cant get it to boot from cd now :/ i took battery out of motherboard , leaving it out for 5-10 mins i read online it resets everything
  36. Windows 7 should have all the drivers to get you going but there's a chance that it doesn't. So it doesn't hurt to install them like aford10 suggested. x86 = 32bit and x64 = 64bit.
  37. That will reset the boot order as well. You'll need to put the CD drive as the first boot device again.
  38. Sorry aford10 beat me to the punch.
  39. I stayed at a holiday inn express last night. :D
  40. Ok i tryed that everything seemed to reset. But now the IDE Channel 0 Master was the dvd drive earlyer but now its none and wont detect it .. What the hell like grrrrr im ready to throw it out the window

    Is there a way i can start from scratch again or did i just do that

    ok i got it to boot from cd, think ide cable could of been lose that try this load the drivers to the right software this time and see how i go :/ i hope this isnt why it hasnt been picking up the hard drives because i was loading wrong drivers....
  41. ok i think iv found why the drivers were not showing up..i was picking 32bit version when i thought i was picking 64... why do they call it 86 if its really 32? i was thinking the higher number was better version :/

    ok i can see the drivers now but theres a box that says hide drivers that are not compatable with th hardware on this computer. So when i click this none stay in the list.. theres like 20 different ones.

    How do i know which one to use?
  42. You just need to go to your link...

    Select your OS from the drop down box (windows 7 32 bit)

    And download the 2nd item listed under 'sata raid' called 'AMD SATA AHCI Driver (Preinstall driver, press F6 during Windows* setup to read from floppy)'
  43. I think I tried this and couldn't get it to work, it split into loads of sub folders and none of the drivers worked but I will try again tommoro
  44. Ok guy try get this sorted today once and for all..
    Ok so I downloaded that second driver for 64bit Windows, clicked install on x64 Windows then comes to pick harddrive or load drivers and I get :


    Then I click ok on that folder. Then I get two drivers in the list

    1. Amd sata controller
    2. Amd sata controller (both with the same paths in brackets after them)

    Then if I click "hide drivers that are not compatible with hardware on this computer"

    They both disappear either of them wouldn't load.

    I want 64bit but I'm goin to try 32bit now and see will the 32 drivers load on to that

    Edit: 32bit drivers showed up in list but didn't work either

    EDIT2*: I went in to BIOS and changed that setting to achi and the one under as type sata then the driver is showing up when the hide box is ticked but when I click next I get:

    To continue installation use the load driver option to install 32bit and signed 64bit drivers. Installing an unsigned 64bit device driver is jot supported and might result in an unusable Windows instalation.
  45. You are installing 32 bit Windows 7, right?
  46. Well I just tried both just to see would it work, but is rather 64, I added a extra part to my last post
  47. liamthepirate said:
    To continue installation use the load driver option to install 32bit and signed 64bit drivers. Installing an unsigned 64bit device driver is jot supported and might result in an unusable Windows instalation.

    If you're installing the 64 bit version of W7, then use the 64 bit AHCI driver. It was designed for use by your motherboard and W7 64 bit.

    If you're using W7 32 bit, then download the 32 bit AHCI driver instead.
  48. Yeah I done that just get that message I posted in the edited post , I'm so close :/
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