Relocating User Files from SSD to HDD issues

Bought a brand new MSI computer with Win 8 os on SSD (C) drive and empty HDD (D) data drive. I attempted to move my user files under my created user name from the SSD to the HDD using the "Location" tab and "Move" button in the "Properties" of each user file.

First I created a new folder directly in the D: drive called "Allen" to hold all of my newly moved user files and had no issues. The first folder that I attempted to move was "Contacts", so I followed the prompts to move the "Contacts" folder to my newly created "D:\Allen" folder, which it did, kind of. Now the "Allen" folder is not showing up in the D: drive, but the "Contacts" folder is.

If I select the "Contacts" folder properties it's "General" tab shows its location only as "D:", but when I select the "Location" tab in "Properties" the text box shows "D:\Allen". I have all of my hidden files set to show, including the program files. Then I attempted to move the "Downloads" user file, but with the "Allen" folder unavailable I have to physically type "D:\Allen" in the move location text box and select "OK". It then displays the following message: Do you want to redirect "Downloads" folder into another system folder "Contacts" located at "D:\Allen"?

I just used the "Restore Default" button to return the files to their original location. What am I doing wrong? I just want to move my user files to the D: drive.
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  1. Have you unchecked the option "hide empty folders"? And in theory you don't need to create a folder for your user name. Windows should create the folders you entered in the path. In theory.....
  2. I don't see that option in my folder options, only "Hide empty drives".
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