What is the best solution for internet in a motel?

Hey gang,

Quick to the point. What's the best and CHEAPEST method to provide in-room internet hookup for a motel? Doesn't have to a device in each room, maybe something that can be rented out. But can't be too expensive, but be able to reach each room.

There's wireless, but i heard antennas can only be 9ft long cable-wise (one negative). And you have to hand out bulky wireless adapters with power supplies to each guest (another negative).

Ther other is HPNA. But it's a bit more complex due to varying systems used by motels. And from what i've read, more expensive ($5000+).

My uncle has a 40-unit motel, but if i find a way to hook his dsl to all the units for under a grand, he'll go for it.

ideas folks? Thanks.

-= nav =-
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  1. 1 router
    1 x 48 port switch, or as many ports as you have rooms with connection. (A hub may or may not be cheaper)
    CAT 5 cable to suit (max length 100Mtrs per length)
    2 RJ-45 ends for every length of cable.
    1 NIC for every unit.
    1 cable end crimping tool.

    Dunno prices over there, but I'll be surprised if you can do it under a grand.

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