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I want to make the view of the folders (for example in Pictures) to show details, but then when I choose a subfolder, I want to see large icons. Windows 7 is changing my subfolder view every time I change the parent folder and vice-versa. I upgraded from Vista and this was not a problem in Vista.
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  1. I believe that Microsoft got rid of the "remember folder view" option in Win 7.

    Here is a registry hack that might work. Be warned that messing with the registry can have undesired results. You may want to make a backup of the effected keys/values. This is supposed to work in both vista and win 7.
  2. I'm not sure what it was doing before I made the above change for folders that I created but that aren't in the Pictures folder of the Libraries, but those folders are acting like XP did in that if I change the subfolder, the parent folder does not follow it. However it does not fix the Pictures folder. I want to be able to view the folders in Pictures using Details View, but then when I browse into a subfoler, where there actually are pictures, I want to be able to view Icons or Extra Large Icons without affecting the parent Pictures folder. Thanks for the help anyway. I had tried this once before back in early January but decided to try again today just in case I had made a mistake. But no, Microsoft has decided that my Pictures folders will all march in lockstep whether I like it or not.

    I did find a work-around for this based on the forum: (look for Thursday December 24, 2009 9:22 pm)
    Under desktop\Usernamex\My Pictures (for example) select this folder. Then right click the Favorites and add current location to favorites choice. Then if you navigate to the folder through Favorites, the annoying behavior is gone and each subfolder maintains its own View settings (possibley because I applied the above fix, I'm not sure)

    Thanks for the help. XXX the Libraries folder from now on
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