How to hp pavillion return to factory setting

return to factory setting
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  1. what settings do you want back to default?
  2. Your PC should have come with a disk set, if not there could be a hidden partition to restore, when you turn on the PC it will give you an option to hit a key to start the process. If don't have either one, contact HP, they can send you a restore disk, for some cost to you however.
  3. Like the post above says, your machine should come with a restoration disk. You could also try and do a system restore to as close as you can do the original purchase date of your computer.

    -- Ryan
    Windows Outreach Team
  4. If using the recovery partion, hit F11 when you see the HP logo.

    Full details @
  5. Hi i'm having the same issue, i have Hp Pavillion dv6700 which is currently out of warenty. It came with Vista, i installed the trial win 7 and now it's done and i want to get back to vista, but the F11 doesnt do anything when i start it up at HP logo screen. Also, the system restore from windows only has like 3 entries that are within the last month. Is there any other way to do this? i cant even contact HP cause my laptop is not in warrenty and i feel like i really shouldn't have to pay for vista again, considering it came with my computer. Any help will be super apreciated
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