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Hi all,
i have tried many things but not once has amy worked.

The problem is that if i log on to a website that i need to put details in (username and password or e-mail) they are not saved next time i go in to the website.

i have to input all my details in on every website i got on including toms hardware. any ideas

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  1. What browser?
  2. i am using windows 7 x64 and ie8.

  3. If you have IE set to auto delete your settings at shut off, it will do that. Not all sites will allow you to save the info. What are the "many" things you tried?
  4. i have not set auto delete, this has been disabled so it keeps all information, i have tried all the auto complete settings and some settings in advanced that i seen by google searches.
  5. Create a new profile on the computer to use, try that one. If it saves settings you may have something corrupt in your user account profile.
  6. ok i will try that and get back to you.


    **edit** i have create a new profile on the computer and it still does the same thing.
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