Internet explorer 8 download for windows 7 32 bit

i cant play videos on the youtube and other sites that are using adobe flash player cause i have windows 7 64 bit. what do i do to solve my problem
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  1. I am usinf Win7 64bit and am able to play flash videos (youtube, etc). You need to download Adobe Flash player.

    Go here and install,then go watch videos!
  3. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Go here and install,then go watch videos!

    hey nob head u must be from area51 because t is any1 with a 64bit windows7computer cant download flash player as they havent developed it yet ya big alien read befor ya give ur clever answers..

    hey listen im just taking the mikky dont mean anything intrusive towards you. am just joking
  4. I'd recommend getting Google Chrome.
    It comes with Adobe Flash Player integrated into it so you won't have any problems with YouTube and Flash sites.
  5. Use the 32 bit IE with the 32 bit flash plugin/addon.
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