Stuck in Thief 3!!!

ok. now im getting frustrated. i am at the third level i think. i have to Break into St. Edgar's Church. i tried a walkthrough but it says to knock out the guard and get the key, then mantle up onto a box to a pipe then to a balcony. well, ive knocked out or killed everything in the city and no key. also i cant get up any pipes.... ive been at this for 6 or 7 hrs. HHHEEEELLLPPPPP!!!!!!

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  1. Wish i can help, but i cant even play the demo. I try installing it and i keep getting this CRC error, it tells me that all these files do not match the file in the file and the media from which i am trying to ionstall is corrupt and to contact my software vendor.
    And im not going to go out and pay that ludicrous amount for the game when im not sure if i'll even like the game.

    I do wish you luck and hope you figure it out.

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