How messed up is the games forum

It needs re-organising... seriously.
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  1. Init just, we are told it will be cleaned up eventually so hang in there.
  2. Its a mess, but htey say they're going to restructure it. If you want to add your 2 cents go to the Community category and one fo the sections is about forum changes/updates. There's an ongoing discussion there.

  3. I don’t see it. Maybe it got pushed to the back burner or perhaps fell off the stove.
  4. or maybe they didn't fit the program and were deleted.
  5. Where's the stove?
  6. Hard to tell with all the smoke being blown up everybody’s arse.
  7. Do you smell gas? I think there might be a gas leak somewhere..

    It will eventually happen. I know I got a PM asking if I wanted to be the Games Forum Mod but since 99.8% of my posts take place while I'm bored at work, I didn't think it would be something I should be doing.
  8. What will happen, a structure change? The only change I see coming is making more subfolders. :lol: I wouldn’t want to be a Mod if that means walking the halls. Maybe if someone could call me on my cell, if there is a problem to solve. ;)
  9. ArthurDent, as suggested here, please post your ideas about reorganization of the games section here:
  10. I wouldn't make a forum per game.. I would make it per type/style maybe?


    Kind of like the Other forum.. babble goes on, yet everyone keeps up with it.
  11. I’d say there are only two games. PC and console, but were only wasting our breath. There are too many options where to post, but oh well. What can we do? There’s a Poll.

    Take over
    Make own forum
  12. Ok, the idea I have heard most is to have categories by device type, xbox, pc, etc.

    Then we have the problem of too many games. One idea is to make them all subforums (see motherboard subforums in Hardware). Then one could give an option to browse a forum with all its subforums. Again using motherboard as an example, one could have a link to browse motherboard and all of its subforums (i.e. motherboard types). This way, you can quickly see all the new posts for motherboards.
  13. Device type sounds a whole lot better and I think setting the games up like the mobo section is a good ideal. Anything is better then all the categories below, which is confusing and kind of messy.

    Role playing
    Other games
  14. Just released the subforum showing... see the bulb icons in the hardware section.

    I think from the feedback received, organize by device type NOT the type of the game (e.g. by Nintendo, not by 'action/adventure'). The subforums idea with the new 'bulb' showing ( :lol: ) should make it easy to browse new posts.
  15. ARGH WTF! A bulb?! Why? Oh, yeah, and you already know we hate the subforum orgy.
  16. I think the 'bulb' is a GREAT feature. You can either look at all the new posts at a high level, or dive down into the subforums. This is actually a feature that has been requested.

    Here's how it applies:

    In motherboard, I have been told by some that all motherboards are the same, and have similar problems. For those folks, they want to see all together, and don't want to dril down into ten's of subforums. So now they can see them together. For others, they can just go to the motherboard that interests them.

    Usually newbs drill down, and experienced folks like the high level view.
  17. I'm liking your idea, but a bulb?! Also, could you add a feature in the profile to select just to show the high level forum with the subforums included? So, it always shows that view?
  18. I know... bulb stands out, but if you have better ideas of an icon, would like to hear.
  19. ROFL, anything but a bulb. How about the '+' sign, a la Windows XP. That is very user friendly. Or perhaps the Enter key sign, but reversed:

  20. I love the feature. We can change the icon later but that's not what's really important about the feature.
  21. I changed the icon already.
  22. Randy idea. Agreed.
  23. There are tradeoffs between cute little icons and textual representation. This drill down feature is really for power users (and not available if not logged in), so the question is do they figure it out, or we need to spell it out.
  24. ...or make a more intuative icon...
  25. Just trying to help but in answer to

    do they figure it out, or we need to spell it out

    Most people don't figure out things like this right off the bat.

    OH well, not that big-a-deal.
  26. Hi russel,

    The 'see all' icon is great, but if people cannot figure out what is going, would they figure out that the button is causing drill into subforums? The point is that the explanation of that option is too many words long.
  27. NO problem.
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