BSOD atleast five times a day

Ok so i built a brand new computer about 5 months ago, since ive gotten it it has really not impressed me I have been getting constant BSOD and just recently restarting for no reason.

I have an AMD phenom x6 1055t processor
ATI HIS HD5850 gpu
asus m4a89 series mobo
700W power supply (four fans running on medium speed)
WD 1tb HDD
patriot 60GB SSD
OCZ obsidian 1600MHZ ram (8 gigs)
At first i was BSOD alot on start up but soon found out it was two bad sticks of ram, I replace those and all was good for a while but most of the time when iam playing a game or just browsing the internet I will BSOD with a few different errors


It happens when i play Aion, WoW,Cod pretty much any game it seems to happen when i click on something and or close a program
I never run over 50 degrees C for my CPU and i have constantly kept updating my video drivers, along with ALL my device drivers I am not sure if motherboard needs drivers but one thing i did notice was when i boot in safe mode it says loading something or other and in the lines of text it says windows32\ would someone please help me out or suggest some free to use trouble shooting programs!!!
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  1. How does your computer run with just 2GB of RAM installed?
    Do you have a different video card you can use for testing?
  2. Sounds like you've tried a lot of different ways to remedy this. Microsoft does have a page with tips on stopping the blue screen errors, but it really could be a number of possible issues, unfortunately:

    -- Ryan
    Windows Outreach Team
  3. Quote:
    I am not sure if motherboard needs drivers

    Umm...yeah your motherboard needs drivers, those should have been the first thing you installed after you installed Windows.

    Usually when someone lists all their parts by make and model and then they write "700w psu". That's kind of a hind that it's probably a piece of junk. What exactly is this mystery piece of hardware and how old is it?
  4. I have four sticks of 2 gigs ea OZC obsidian ram the mobo is new (5 months) idk i got the pwer supply from staples How can i get NEW drivers for my mobo i had tried once before and did not find anything
  5. also it seems to only BSOD when im playing games
  6. retail plus model: RP-PS24-700W(CM) Like i said some random i got from staples
  7. I found where to get new drivers or atleast download sumthing for my mobo but could someone tell me what to get? its at
  8. 1. Have you checked Event Viewer for error messages ?

    2. Have you set up your OS so it does not auto-restart and you can read error messages and then search for a solution on web ?

    3. Have you "torture tested" your sytem monitoring temperatures with a tool like OCCT

    4. Have you submitted to sevenforums ?

    5. Have you run memtest on the new RAM ?
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