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Best OS for SETI

Last response: in Apps General Discussion
November 11, 2000 1:59:36 PM

I am getting in a few older computers (P-100 through dual PPro-200). What OS would be best to run for SETI?

More about : seti

November 11, 2000 10:27:20 PM

Linux or any other Unix derivative.
November 11, 2000 10:52:39 PM

Any recommendations (sp?) as to which Linux variation I should get? I will admit that I don't know much about Linux.
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November 13, 2000 2:55:40 PM

Any but try not to use X server (UNIX graphical interface) at same time, it will consume too much CPU time.
November 26, 2000 8:42:11 PM

best os is win 98

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Win9x is awesome! Bet you don't hear that often! However, since the release of the 2.0 clients, Windows 9x have replaced Linux as the fastest operating system. Since that's what most people are running anyways, that's okay. But if you're still running Linux trying to squeeze units out a bit should stop.


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December 19, 2000 11:16:09 PM

Hey Jeff,

What about WIN2000? Any difference?

December 19, 2000 11:51:45 PM

Well obviously on the dual PPro 200, Win2000 will allow you to run twice as fast as Windows 98 as you can use both processors (one Seti CLI version per processor)
I have read that Windows 2000/NT runs the Seti CLI slightly faster than Linux (but very slightly) provided you have enough memory for windows to be happy +30 megs for the two clients.
December 22, 2000 12:42:51 PM

I have a the version 3.03 GUI at work on a windows 2000 pc. So I can not tell you how it would do with the command line. All I know is the version 3.03 GUI is slow! If only I could get the command line to get past the proxy server. I really don't have much time to mess with it.

January 4, 2001 4:55:20 AM

umm... riiigghhhtt... can't say i really agree with that.
(no flame to the guy above me)
Windows 98 is based on the same durn thing as win95, just slightly updated. The kernel has been (again) slightly updated and some features and accesibility messed with. I'm not saying it's a bad OS, I run it all the time. But if I could learn Linux easily and quickly then I wuld hardly run Windows. Any GUI (graphical user interface) consumes processor usage and memory. Unix (unless you make it) does not use a graphical interface. It is command prompt. It might however, be kinda difficult to set up for someone unexperienced with unix.
If you have trouble trying unix or Linux on it, definately revert to win2K, as long as you have enough RAM. I would highly recommend Mandrake for beginners and Red Hat for more experienced users.

*God bless Tom's Hardware! Every time I post, I set out st least 4 (hopefully) helpful replies. Such is the way the community grows!*
January 10, 2001 11:24:35 AM

Well the link I provided said that win 98 was the best, If you run the command line vers. They have a bench mark to test seti and it showed 98 to be the best.