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Hi All,
I'm planning on upgrading my Nomad 6GB to an IBM 20GB Travelstar using Tom's article as a guide. When I acquired the drive the guy tried to tell me changing these drives out is a job for a clean room and shouldn't be done at home. Is there any truth to this? Also, if there's anyone who has completed this project I'd appreciate any and all comments on how you made out, particularly with dos and don'ts. Thanks in advance,
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  1. I used Tom's guide to upgrade my Nomad to an IBM 12gb and it went very smooth. Rather than purchase WinHex for $35 I used Norton's Diskedit that comes with Norton Util. I've noticed one annoyance since the upgrade. When running on batteries, the sound is interupted near the end of the song when the hd spins up to get the next tune. This doesn't happen on external power. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this.
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