I'm currently installing Windows Home Server for my second go at the 30 day trial. I installed it a year ago, but have lost the ability to recollect anything. If I'm posting this in the wrong section [expletive] you. So I want to put some data(s) on my home server then access it from somewhere other than my home. How do it do it? I'll put it like this.


Any suggestion or a link to nice tutorial that addresses how do it work? Seriously, I gotta access my home server form my offices. In the meantime peruse over this and leave a totally unrelated comment. I'm at the Home Server Welscome screen. Best answer is at stake though.
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  1. Is there a connection here?

    By server did you mean NAS?

    Could he have stashed a NAS in his ... no wait.
  2. The operating system Windows Home Server. I have the Windows Home server online now. I will now attempt to have the home server find and recognize my home computers. But, it is 10-15 miles away where I have computers that I wnt to connect to tomorrow. And I want to impress people.
  3. Ok. I have been transfering files from one of the PC's to the home server. My wife helped. Her suggestion to just calm down and stop saying awful words helped a lot. I have my vision back and my BP has dropped to 195/137. Tomorrow is the big challenge. I'll be at the office and try to access my home server from there. I may just give up on this and buy and ipod. I think she has one and has questions :o How do you work an ipod? Any obvious things to look for when it's plugged in?
  4. :lol:

    Is it April 1st?
  5. Well, I have the Home Server lassowed and hog tied here at home. But I have not tried to log onto it at the office yet today. Later i will. I can't get it straight exactly how I am going to connect from the office to the file server here at home? Also, this unit says SP2 (power pack 2)? Isn't there an SP3 for this MS Home Server OS? So if I purchased a copy with only SP1 will it be updated to include SP3 automatically? If not, I have my wifes Nano (whatever) working and she will carry her files around on that.
  6. Ok, just after 4:30 pm at the office and I have remote service working loud and clear. I can access my windows home server from a remote location and uplad and download my files. Took a couiple of drives back and fourth, but I did my way. Thanks for the help. Wait, I got no help.
  7. Forgot to mention reynod helped a lot. Useless is good.
  8. Its cause....cause........its cause, we KNEW you could do it
  9. Remote Access...catch it! Now 'm trying to figure why some files/folders can be loaded onto the file server via remote access office>home. Then some other files can not apparently. I'm gonna have to find some tutorials. Oh, here's how to set up remote access with Windows Home Sever. I had to tweak my 'ports' on my wireless router to get this going via remote access. I can access my file server from any browser. MS said so. Just wish I could transfer ALL my files I desire.
  10. Did you use Nadine's old PC for the server?

    Might explains some of the trouble.
  11. Well, I used an AMD Athlon 64 4000+ due to it's high concentration of Unobtanium and on die blu ray capabilities. I spotted this likeness earlier today when setting up the home server. Nadines computer has began to grow mutated potatoes.

  12. If I were you I would use teamviewer and put a server client at home. The you can log into it real easy from anywhere. All you need to know is the ID and password for your at home PC that teamviewer gives you.

    Good luck.
  13. Maybe your litall friend can help you with your server
  14. Quote:
    This server is very, very slow (around 0.2 hits/second)

    My exact dial-up speed back in the 90's. Win 98's high speed capabilities fixed that cough. I'm going to try treefrog's suggestion later today. I have remote access established, but if I can find a better way to remotely transfer files I will try it. I want to transfer a lot of specific folders with jpeg's contained in them. each folder is like say 8-9MB. Windows Home Server remote access has a file transfer limit of 6GB. I can't seem to transfer the file containing the 9MB's of jpegs as a single entity. I can transfer each individual jpeg though. Don't want to do that.
  15. Microsoft Home Server does not allow remote access upload of a 'folder'. Lameness worthy. So I have installed daship's (thank you daship) suggestion of team viewer successfully, but I have to go home and install the software on the server to establish an ID. Hopefully, on Monday I can transfer a common 'folder' containing multiple 'files' by remote access using Teamviewer.

    How lame is it that Microsoft Home Server does not allow remote access transfer of a 'folder'? M$ instructs to open the folder and upload the individual files contained within the folder. The Win 95 team is still active over at M$?

    Edit I am able to remotely create a 'new' folder on the home server. Then download the 'files' into that new named folder. Whoa.
  16. So I am successfully uploading clinical photograph surveys taken earlier this morning directly from my office lab by remote access directly to my home where I can sit in comfort and photoshop them. That Unobtanium is amazing stuff.
  17. Shhh, dont admit at actually having it
  18. The stuff oozes from mine. Highest quality available.

  19. Almost bought a 57 myself, instead bought a 285
  20. You know, you could have just used Teamviewer or some thing similar to transfer files, remote control,etc.

  21. Hmmm, no unobtanium here
  22. I'm using an FX55 at 2.8GHz. today It's installed in my simulated Porsche red case and makes porsche sounds when I fire the system up. Quick and rivals my 4800X2 939 which is still running strong. I find the current AM2+/AM3 Phenom II systems really reasonable to build. I have two of 'em. Waiting for the unobtanium stuff before I think about retiring the FX. Has anyone put their finger oin who exactly has unobtanium besides me?
  23. Yeah, daship linked teamviewer. I'm in the processor trying it. By monday I should have it functional. Can't wait to see how well it works with WHS.
  24. Some clown does
  25. Oh, and I think either Cleeve or PaulH, maybe it was Paul
  26. Paul is me, I am Paul.
  27. See, I was right heheh
    Plus, I didnt know this
    So, I guess its just you, and you alone, and since youre not sharing, its obvious why they call it unobtanium
  28. Most famous Paul quote eva, "your are me, I am you."
  29. Oh there was one other. "I hope you are not one of those guys who will cross any ocean to find someone and make them pay with their life!"

  30. coo coo cachoog
  31. badge said:
    Oh there was one other. "I hope you are not one of those guys who will cross any ocean to find someone and make them pay with their life!"

    I remember that one
  32. I want Cleeve to know my SLI'd 7600GT's are running in my red Porche FX55 machine today just fine thank you. Forget about it.
  33. More evidence Paul has lost his mind. Do me a favor. Open the door. And let 'em in. Yeah, yeah.
  34. Gettin those 7600s ready for those poligons?
    Its not like theyve never been loved
  35. 'Ya think my GF FX5950 would work? GDDR is good no?
  36. Id save that for the Smithsonian, just in case they come a knockin
  37. Used to own one.

  38. Niiiiice
    I had some old King George late 1700s, my kids lost em, also had one of my faves
  39. Well technicially he is someone the mods selected who is capable of humour ... the kind that the nerds here can identify with.

    Its in short supply up the top of the forum where the doghnuts live ...

    We selected badge as forum jester mainly because his wife e-mailed us begging for him to be given the job as she was worried about his mental health.

    Since she is a Dr we had no choice but to give him the job but I gotta tell you he isn't shaping up so well lately.

    I think he peaked with the famous "Nadine" thread and has been suffering writers block since.

    He even tried to tell a few political jokes of late ... so I know his form is lagging.

    If he drops right off I hear techmo is in the wings at the ready ...
  40. No pressure badge ... heh heh.

    just joking ... truly.
  41. Installed Teamviewer like Daship and Shadow suggested. This App is proving to be very useful. Considering the idea of dropping WHS altogether and just using Teamviewer to remotely transfer files from work to home.

    @reynod so yeah go ahead and install teamviewer. email me your id and password and I'll remotely empty the pesky recycle bin for you. Showing you how to open and use the Start menu is not a problem. You don't owe me.
  42. JDJ had some Shield Nickels. I owned a major rare coin company for ten years back in th 90's before Ebay arrived on the scene. Reported my income, paid my taxes. When Ebay arrived, everyone in the world who had old coins for sale became a professional coin dealer. They didn't report a dime as income. Couldn't compete with that.

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  44. Badge.... I found your sister:

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    As far as coins goes, I have a full proof set of the US State quarters (Minus Alaska; for some reason I didn't buy it...).


    @reynod so yeah go ahead and install teamviewer. email me your id and password and I'll remotely empty the pesky recycle bin for you. Showing you how to open and use the Start menu is not a problem. You don't owe me.

    Don't forget to copy his movie stash. :ange:
  45. ^ Do notice that Ebra do no have a NIOSH certification. Doubt it would help much against fine particle dust,etc. Most certainly will not help with chemical vapors.
  46. I had a flu shot last week. And I take the B vitamins to enhance performance of the nervous system. I have the eyes of an eagle and the strength of ten men. You are remindimng me about how fine dust particles may harm me? And I have built up an immunity to any chemicals that may threaten mortal men. Tell it to the wind.
  47. ^ O RLY?
  48. In that case badge, I triple dog dare you to stay for approx. 1 year in the city of Pripyat, Ukraine and see if you mutate into an octopus or something. Either that or you'll grow stronger than ever:D
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