Solid state drive 4 my Mac Mini G4 1.25

Hello, What solid state drive would fit into my mac mini 1st gen g4 1.25
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    I doubt any will.

    G4 1st gens can't use SATA.
  2. Good call. However I think a new Mac mini would be better at the price.
  3. Some aren't too expensive (for ssd of course) if you can find them stock somewhere.

    The real question I guess is why put such a fast, expensive and low capacity in a computer like a mini G4? I'm not saying it isn't a good idea, I just can't find a situation where the disk woouldn't be bottlenecked by something else.

    And in that case, you're right amdfangirl, might as well upgrade the whole thing.

    @DamianVonBarone: So... why? I'm curious.
  4. If anything, the SSD would be bottlenecked by the I/O controller and the IDE or whatever the Mac Mini uses (well, if SSDs can saturate 3Gb/s Sata...)
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