Computer is super sluggish after driver installation

I used the disc that came with my MSI big bang xpower mobo to update a couple drivers.
I used the Realtek Audio Drivers and the Intel INF updater.
During the Intel Updater, it said that the driver did not install successfully because I did not have a Marvell 91xx driver installed or a USB controller installed.
I foolishly shrugged my shoulders and rebooted like my pc told me to.
Everything booted up fine, but when I got to my desktop my computer was almost unresponsive and unable to perform the simplest of tasks including opening the start menu or command prompt. To make matters worse, My computer cannot connect to the internet so I am unable to update anything even if I could launch firefox. Which I can not.

Here is what I know
Everything works swimmingly in safe mode...

System Specs:
MSI Big Bang Xpower mobo
MSI GTX 470 video card
6gb of corsair 1600 ram
600gb WD velociraptor hdd
32 gb corsair ssd boot drive
Intel i7-930 cpu @ 2.80 ghz

If any of you know how to view recently installed drivers or some fix for this crippling pox that ails my computer, your help would be much appreciated!
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  1. rolled back realtek driver,
    rebooting as we speak...fingers crossed
    thanks for your quick reply Dadiggle!

    no dice...rolling back realtek driver did not affect my computer...still unresponsive and catatonic...any other suggestions?
  2. If you have Windows installed you can go to All Programs, Acessories, System Tools, System Restore and do a system restore to a date before you installed the corrupt drivers or Realtek, etc. Try that and see if it works

    It worked for me a couple of times when all my HTTP settings got screwed up. Nothing is more annoying than not being able to get on line to fix things.

    Good luck.
  3. While trying to see what might be going on in that board, I found this little gem that may help you to get on the net with it.
    Sourced from>>>

    "Like other motherboards from MSI, this product comes with an operating system stored inside the motherboard read-only memory that allows you to access the Internet without needing to load the operating system or even without having a hard disk drive installed. This feature, called Winki, is identical in concept to the Express Gate feature available on motherboards from ASUS and the eJiffy feature present on motherboards from ECS."
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