Flashing Bios on Asus P4P800S motherboard

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I flashed the bios on my motherboard using the ASUS motherboard CD- provided
by asus. It seemed relatively straightforward and simple to use. I
downloaded and copied the aim file from asus- renamed it to P4P800.ROM and
followed the instructions on the CD... (I had previously tried to do it by
going to the bio setup screen but I couldn't find the option to flash the

When I booted up the computer I instead saw a blackscreen with the
Americanmegatrend? logo? - I can't remember what it was now.

It had a list of things but at the bottom of the list it had BAD CMOS - 1
goto setup or 2 load default settings. I chose 2.

Now everything seems OK- fingers crossed. I rebooted several times and
although the xp gui screen seems a few seconds slower than normal.
Everything seems alright.

I used the ASUS mb utility and it said that the bios is the new version.

The Intel frequency program also said that Revision was 9. (see below for

Did I do it correctly?? I read that some people are advocating doing the
bios flash prior to the windows OS boot- ie in the bios setup screen. I did
try to do that but couldn't get anywhere.


I am using Windows XP Pro SP1 with all critical updates done (one by
one) Firewall is Zone Alarm Pro 5.1, Grisoft AVG. I also use Trojan Hunter,
Adware6, and TrendMicro's online scanner.

My computer system is a P4 3.0 Prescott, Asus P4P800S, 1G RAM,
PFUHL2keyboard, Geforce4Ti4800SE, Creative CDRW 32x, Sony DVDROM,
Mirage 400W powersupply, IntelliExplorer mouse. Cable modem - Motorola

Intel(R) Processor Frequency ID Utility Report
Version: 7.1.20040716
Time Stamp: 2004/09/05 11:36:23
Number of processors in system: 1
Current processor: #1
Processor Name: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00E GHz
Type: 0
Family: F
Model: 3
Stepping: 3
Revision: 9
L1 Trace Cache: 12 Kµops
L1 Data Cache: 16 KB
L2 Cache: 1 MB
Packaging: FC-PGA2
Platform Compatibility Guide: 04A
MMX(TM): Yes
SIMD2: Yes
SIMD3: Yes
NetBurst(TM) Microarchitecture: Yes
Expected Processor Frequency: 3.0 GHz
Reported Processor Frequency: 3.0 GHz
Expected System Bus Frequency: 800 MHz
Reported System Bus Frequency: 800 MHz
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  1. Archived from groups: alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.asus (More info?)

    TheRedSunRiseth wrote:
    > Hello,


    Question is more or less the same as pr 31.08. Yes, it seems as you've got
    it right.
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