Really weird scenario... 2 drives, 2 CDs, 2 diff errors...

Hey guys. So my friend and I have both gotten new builds. His works great, has been for a while now, however, mine not so much.

All my parts have been tested (CD, CD Drive, RAM, GPU, HDD, MOBO)

So, when I tried to install my Windows 7 Ultimate CD, it said Windows is loading... for 5-10 seconds before crashing and giving me an error saying there's a communication problem

On my friend's computer, he tested my CD and drive, and he got some checksum not matching error

Funny thing is, when he uses my CD on HIS drive, it works fine. When he uses HIS CD on his drive, it works fine. When he uses his CD on MY drive, it works fine.

So my drive and CD work just fine, but for some reason my CD does not work with my drive.

My mobo was RMA'd since I thought that was the problem, they updated BIOS and they said nothing is wrong, and the other parts mentioned above are not the problem.

What I do not understand is why we're receiving 2 different errors and why my CD wouldn't work with my drive but his does.

His CD is an upgrade CD for Vista > 7 and my CD is a fresh install CD, OEM

I have used the CD myself and installs just fine, and works on his too

I really hope someone can explain what's up...
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