Reformating and Reinstalling Windows 7 w/ OEM disc

Hello! I've recently built a new system and installed Windows 7 on it.

I bought the OS off of newegg. It is the Windows 7 home premium 64 bit OEM System Builder Pack.

Just for good measure, I was wondering if it is possible to reformat my hard drive and then be able to reinstall Windows 7 using the same disc.

If anyone could help me out confirming this, i would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. yes!

    it's not an issue when it's installed on the same computer!
  2. area51 thanks for a fast reply! hahah*

    but the article goes over reinstalling without reformatting the hard drive.

    i would like to reformat the hard drive before reinstalling windows 7. i like that whole fresh feeling lol :)

    does it make any difference if i choose to reformat first?
  3. Hello alacuata;
    You'll have that option available to you when you choose the Custom (advanced) method of Installation.

    Were you thinking about doing any other work before re-installing? Saving data files, etc?
  4. Using the Custom installation option and formatting the hard disk
  5. I won't be doing any major work except for saving some music on a USB.

    I'm just really concerned that I might not be able to do a fresh installation because it is an OEM disc.
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    I've used OEM disks to do exactly what you plan quite a few times. You're good to go.
  7. Is a normal format and install not 'clean' enough for you?
    There are some other options.
  8. hahah whelps* you just answered my question as best i needed to know!

    im such a tech noob so the help is really appreciated :3

    [and yeh i tend to reformat my hard drive and reinstall XP constantly because some members of the family tend to get viruses all the time >_>. This is my first time with windows 7 so i just needed to know just in case LOL]

    anyways thanks for all your help mate. cheers!
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  10. The article stated every way to reinstall windows!
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