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My friend helped me set up remote Desktop Connection before, so that my laptop can log onto the server in office. After the power outage when I click the icon there's a message tell me it can't find the IP address, I think it is the address of the server. Since all the configurations on server were knocked out after power outage, this might be one of them too. Where do I key in the IP address for the server? Software for server is Window server 2008 R2 Standard.
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  1. You need to get into the office to find out what your settings are now. If the internet router was on a dynamic IP address then it possibly has a new IP address. It's also possible that if your server is on a dynamic IP address, this might have changed as well which would make any DMZ or port forwarding, done by the router, invalid as it would point to different computer or nothing at all.

    It's also worth asking whether you are trying to use the IP address of the server used within the office (e.g. or if you are trying to use the WAN IP address of the router.
  2. yes, as Paul was saying, we need to know if you are trying to connect to the internal or external IP. if you are connecting to an IP which looks like or then it is internal. if it's not then you will probably have had a VPN connection set up. check to make sure the VPN connection is connected if that is the case.

    where was the powercut? was it where the server was held? if so do you definitely know it's turned back on and has booted up fine? if you can get someone to tell you the name of the server, which could be something like "office-server-02" you can try and log in from there.
  3. You can get the IP address by the following these steps:

    1) Press Win key + R to bring the run command
    2) Then type CMD to open the command prompt
    3) Type IPconfig to get the IP address of the current machine

    You can then use this IP to remote desktop to the Windows 8 PC.
  4. Sry for double posting.
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