Windows 7 home basic not able to connect to workgroup

not able to connect with laptop running with win7 home basic to workgroup. we can ping the server but not able to access both sides
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  1. Hello vinod marwah;

    Here is a comparison of Windows 7 versions: Starter/Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate
    It's possible you will need the Win7 Professional version to join a workgroup domain.

  2. What can you tell us about how the work group server is setup?
  3. If they are all windows 7 computers use homegroup!
  4. the probelm is that we have all mahcines on windows xp except one with windows 7 home basic. the old server is suing 2003 r2 where all laptops get connected both xop and windows 7.
    when we connect a new server with 2003 std , then the laptop with windows 7 home basic acts up. rest all are working fine . shall i change the new server to 2003 r2 and check?
  5. What is the exact issue with the Win 7 machine? You can't get to the server from it? Does it get the correct IP for your network? Try turning off the built-in firewall in the Win 7 computer.

    If you are trying to connect it to a domain (not workgroup), you won't be able to unless you get 7 Pro or higher.
  6. Upgrade your Windows, i know Home Premium supports joining a homegroup, but not creating. Professional supports creating a homegroup, but i think you will need Enterprise or Ultimate to create and join a workgroup.
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