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I am nt ableto get full featured win 7 with ati radeon Xpress 200 series.

i have searched the driver in HP(my laptop official site) i am using copaq nx6125
kindly help me out.thanx
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    I assume you are trying to enable aero glass in Windows 7 but you are having trouble.

    First, we need to know if you are running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7. Based on the age of your laptop, I'm going to assume you are running 32-bit. (If that is not the case, post back for further instruction).

    Now, go to the AMD/ATI website and download the legacy Windows Vista 32-bit Catalyst suite (link). Don't worry, Vista drivers work with Windows 7. The last driver version for your legacy Radeon Xpress is version 10.2.

    Install that driver, and then run the Windows Experience Index Test to let the system know you have aero capable video.

    If that doesn't work, you may need to manually install the driver. Here are the instructions. Again, run the Windows Experience Index Test after installing the driver to enable aero glass effects.

    Just in case you actually do have Windows 7 64-bit, here is the link for the 64-bit drivers. The method above will be the same.
  2. if compatible then windows 7 should find and install the drivers for you with an active internet connection..
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