Reinstalling windows 7 on a intel 80gig ssd

i'm having a ton of problems with my computer recently with games crash and my sound options not opening or freezing i'm not sure what the deal is it started happening randomly so i'm gonna just reinstall windows 7

my question is is there anything specific you have to do if your reinstalling onto a solid state drive ??? or is boot from my usb and format drive will work ??? could anyone provide me some info on this thanks !!
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  1. One thing comes to mind is to disconnect all other hdd's during the install process, otherwise Windows is likely to put some system files on another drive and give you a headache at a later date, when you start removing or swapping drives around.
    If you have SATA3 connectors on your mb connect the ssd to that.
    Otherwise instalation should be painless unless you have a hardware problem.
  2. well i been reading about secure erase and having ACHI enabled ? anything on that stuff
  3. As you are not disposing the other drive you don't need to worry about secure erase. Just format it, you can do that before connecting the ssd by booting your W7 disk run setup in custom mode and use the W7 tools to format it then exit the instalation.
    Yes enable ACHI for the ssd.
  4. can u help me with the achi i cant find the option im using a P6X58d-e Asus mobo with a i7 930 6 gigs if that helps i cant seem to locate the options for it also my ssd is not on the sata1 spot it is in sata 5 spot does that matter ?
  5. It is AHCI. There is a place in the bios to set the sata mode. The other options will be IDE or RAID. You want AHCI so that windows-7 drivers will be used, and they can pass on the trim command.

    I think you will find it in something like chipset configurations. It will be there somewhere, keep looking.

    If all else fails, read the motherboard manual.

    Which sata port you use really does not matter.
  6. Check your mobo manual and find the SATA 6Gb/s channel, connect it to that.
  7. ok so i found ACHI mode. So just enable it boot from My USB key and let win7 format the drive and install ?
    I dont know if i'll be able to put it on the 6gb port just cus of space issues lots of stuff im using a Antec 902 case with a GTX 580 so its a tight fit
  8. Go for it and have fun.
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