Install Win 7 32-bit from 32-bit media using 64-bit OEM key?

Hi! I recently bought Win 7 64-bit OEM for a clean install on some older hardware. I have not opened the package, but see now that my hardware will support only 32-bit. I have a 32-bit Win 7 disc here. Can I install from that and use my new 64-bit license key? Thanks!
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  1. Which hardware do you have that will only support 32bit? I highly doubt that is the case.
  2. It's a Lenovo T60 laptop with a Core Duo and a chipset that doesn't work with 64-bit Win 7.
  3. If you havn't opened the package you should be able to return it and exchange for a 32 bit version.
    Otherwise if you can borrow one that's the same, only 32 bit it should work, unless they have a different set of keys for oem 32 vs 64 bit.
  4. Yes you can use the key!
  5. ^+1
    the key should work..
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