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First, hello, been reading toms religiously for a for a few months now, just decided i should probably make an account.

Now, a bit of background. I started saving all of the DVDs i can find at any residence I'm welcome at, onto my computer. I was bragging to the girlfriend about this, telling her we won't have to pay for cable with a Netflix+ Infinite movie combo. She, for whatever stupid reason can't bear the idea of not being able to browse through movies without looking at the front covers. So, I'm trying now to do just that. Set up some sort of way where she can browse through her damned covers.

My question is this... is there a way to create a library of JPEGs, each of which is actually a shortcut to an MKV? Or maybe there's a better, easier solution out there I don't know of.

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  1. Why not use Windows Media Centre or a similar suite? It will build you a movie library, complete with cover pictures.
  2. I've actually not played with it since about the first week I got this pc up and running. It appeared to be rubbish for music anyway. I'll give it a go though, thanks mate.
  3. Hello pinnicle329;

    This Media Browser plug-in for Windows Media Center might be something you're interested in.
  4. Here is a better tutorial on how to get Get Started with Media Browser for Windows Media Center

    Also pinnicle329;
    Could you edit your topic title to add Media Center Player to the title? Thanks.
  5. WMC will not let you rip protected DVD's to hard drive.
  6. I highly recommend XBMC. It's the best media center application out there.

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