Hard drive failure after virus now cant access

i had a virus and used norton to clean out and laptop went to blue screen and then started norton recovery, since then i cannot access the hard drive in the laptop or via a caddy. just says unable to load driver...any help would be great as the files are very important
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  1. Use a boot disc to recover!
  2. i have tried this but get no response from the hard drive
    it just says take the cd out and restart then crashes again
  3. Try a different boot disk.... I like Knoppix live.. a virus will not cause a hardware fault. But when things go bad they sometimes go at the same time.
  4. Sorry to be a novice but what is Knoppix live.

    it seemed to be norton recovery that made the drive inaccessible and not the virus.

    prior to running the antivirus i could start in command prompt but could start windows so in my haste i ran norton from cmd and hence my problems
  5. Well Knoppix is realy a linux OS you can burn a cd on a different computer and then start the computer with the problem running Linux, and then you can copy all of your data to a flash drive or dvd.... First I would try to boot the machine up with a windows disk and try the repair option. what are you running xp vista 7?
  6. what type of laptop is it?
  7. i have already tried via the windows disc (windows 7 ultimate) and all i get is some message saying unable to connect and check cable/
    have changed all the options in the bios for boot start up to make sure its from hard drive as all forums state that if stating to check cable to make sure your not booting from network.
    also tried the recovery cd, boot cd and now i have taken out the hard drive i cannot access
    i am convinced this is due to to norton as i have this happening elsewhere on a forum but am unable to remember where.

    i just need to write the boot files back to the drive somehow if that is possible ?
  8. its a dell inspiron i5 model 5010-4464
  9. Here is a link to BARTPC (http://www.nu2.nu/pebuilder/). It makes a disc with all the files to start the computer. It is an OS on a disc. It also has utilities to let you access your HD and then you can copy out to another storage device what you want to keep. Hope it is helpful.
  10. When you have the hard drive in the laptop. Enter the BIOS does the BIOS see the hard drive? Are there any setting for the hard drive like IDE MODE?
  11. many thanks for the link... i shall take a look now and let you know..

    when im in the bios how do i see if i can see the hard drive ?
    from memory all i can do is change the boot sequence
  12. okay just replaced the hard drive and restarted in bios and it says there there is no fixed HDD so im guessing it cannot see the hard drive
  13. Sounds like the drive is dead...not much you can do with a dead drive but send it off to a data recovery specialist for major $$$
  14. the thing is i can hear it start and do the usual thing but what i want it to

    i can start in cmd prompt but all i get is the x drive.

    is there something i can do from this drive to access maybe
  15. Grantm said:
    the thing is i can hear it start and do the usual thing but what i want it to

    i can start in cmd prompt but all i get is the x drive.

    is there something i can do from this drive to access maybe

    Did you find a solution to your problem?
  16. you can remove the hard drive and put it into an enclosure.Plug it into your new PC as a slave.Then you can copy your files off it.

    If it shows up in 'my computer' as a drive letter(like E: drive) but you can't access it,you can recover your data with data recovery program.Tenorshare data recovery is a professional one that can recover data after deeply scanning your hard drive to look for lost data due to drives crash, system sabotage, virus attack,etc.You can get it here:

    After you recover your data,you can format it to check out whether it can be fixed.
    Can get it recognized?
    Turn the computer off without the external hard drive being plugged in.
    plug the external hard drive in a usb port, power up, the systems post boot up will find the drive and inform windows what hardware is installed.
    When windows boots up, it will look at all the hardware and find the external hard drive, when windows finishes booting up you should be able to see the drive.
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