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I ready to buy new laptop but I not sure should I go with AMD or Intel. Because I was told that AMD is good for gaming and it will do its stuff for year and after that it starts to lack power. Another thing is that AMD does not run windows media. So please help me out to pick a system. In addition should I wait for ATI X1600 or should I just get the Nvidia 7800 GTX for graphic card.

January 18, 2006
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  1. First of all.. do you care about battery life, if not then AMD's new 64bit notebooks are great for amost everything, including gaming. For intel, it is great for it's battery life (centrino notebooks), but for games, it is not the greatest. I have Dell Inspiron XPS Gen2, it has the intel pentium(centrino) 2.24Ghz with NVidia Go 6800 Go Ultra, 1 GB of ram and a 7200RPM hddd.. it's not that great for gaming (it really depends on what games you're playing, for me, it's all FPS) At this point, from what I know, if you're willing to drop about $4000 on the newest AMD 4800+ with Nvidia Go 7800 GTX.. then go ahead.. without a doubt, that will be the fastest gaming laptop for sure.. but if you're not and you also care about the battery life.. then go with intel based laptops! Hope this helps!
  2. Thanks. However my other question was that should i wait for ATIx1600 or go with N Go 7800 GTX.
  3. Well, the answer is almost the same; if you're a hardcore gamer, you for sure want Go 7800GTX... from the articles that I have read, X1600 is just for casual gamers, the performance is not that great.. but if you're willing to wait, I'm sure that Nvidia's new 7300 will make it's way to the notebooks, and I thnk that might be better for games!
  4. Thanks but my last question is that the article you read can you tell me what magazine or what paper.

  5. Not a problem, the url is

    Comparing Mobility X1600 to the Go 7800GTX, the 7800's 3DMark 05 score is almost double the Mobility X1600.. so you might get my point, for gaming, go with 7800GTX! Hope this helps you to determine what to get!
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