Windows 7 install taking extremely long time to even start up on newpc

Just finished my build:
Corsair 750tx PSU
AMD phenom II 955 black
AMD Radeon 6950 (XFX)
Seagate Barricuda 7200 rpm
LG Super Multi drive.
2x2gb G.Skill ram
gigabyte 890gx mb

I start up the computer click, boot from disc. and even that first bar takes about 4 minute, then the screen is blank with the w7 backround for about 5-7 minutes, then the install takes forever, beyond normality,

please help, just finished and would like to start gaming asap:(
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  1. Take a look at your hardware and ensure that everything is seeded properly and such. I had a similar issue when I installed a faulty 4850x2 graphics card early last year. I thought it was a W7 issue, so I wiped it and attempted to re-install, but the install was taking forever and when it was completed, it wouldn't boot into Windows. I'm not saying you have any faulty hardware, I'm just saying that it would be best to look things over to make sure everything is installed properly. Do you have the RAM in correct sequence on the MOBO as well?
  2. figured it out, had to disable the floppy in the bios

    now to reorganize the cable management and put on one of the cd drive face plates. :( tore apart this thing to figure out the issue.

    now for drivers and crysis on ultra high!
  3. I'm glad you got the issue resolved. Good luck and have fun with it.
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