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I have a Toshiba DP5570 with internal NIC and am trying to configure a
Windows 2000 server to print to it. However I am having difficulty
finding documentation for this printer, and honest do not want to pay
$50 for a support call if it is not necessary. Can someone who has
configured this printer give me some advice?

I can ping the printer and when I point a web browser to its address I
get the TOP ACCESS screens showing the printer status. I've
downloaded the drivers from Toshiba's website, and go through the Add
Printer wizard and configure a Standard TCP/IP port using the
printer's IP address ( and the port name of
IP_192.168.200.3 I get an error about the network setting but leave
it set at RAW, port 9100. No test page prints. I have also tried
setting it to port 10000 and port 10001 with no success.

Any help is appreciated.


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  1. Archived from groups: comp.periphs.printers (More info?)

    Answering my own question...

    OK, so I called my Toshiba dealer and paid the $50. Hopefully this
    will help others who are configuring this printer, and it may work
    with other Toshiba network printers/copiers.

    Configure the printer using a Standard TCP/IP port, then change the
    port type from RAW to LPR, enter an LPR port name of PORT1, and check
    the ENABLE BYTE COUNT box.

    That should do it.

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