I'm surprised no one bothered to test these devices with a set of rudder pedals. Much better to use those when flying, especially on old prop planes (I fly the various WWII flight sims). Handle twist is OK, but sometimes I hang on a little too tight and twist when I shouldn't. Pedals prevent that.

I use a Wingman Digital Extreme with a set of Thrustmaster pedals, run through the gameport, not USB. It ain't great, but it works for me. USB pedals would be better, but then I'd have to replace 'em. I also have the less expensive Saitek on a different machine and like it fine too. The twist is better on it, but rudder pedals are still better.
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  1. I am trying to use the Logitech Freedom2.4 joystick on my Mkicrosoft Combat Flight Simultor and Combat Flight Simulator II. Is this possible. I currently use it on Heros Over Europe, stick works great, don't think much of the game. I have an HP Pavilion Vista 64 bit. I just purchased an Asus ATI 4890 graphics card. Any help would be grateful.
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