FS 19" Trinitron FLAT .24DPI 1600x1200@85Hz*$250*

These items are still available for sale -
1- a7m266 mobo 3 months old, excellent and stable, comes boxed with cables CD etc. $130 + your shipping
2- golden socket device for changing the multiplier on any socket A mobo. Device is only 2 weeks old from plycon *SOLD*
3- KDS Avitron AV-195TF 19" Trinitron Flat CRT Monitor 1600 x 1200 @ 85 Hz 0.24 DPI $250, just 3 months old bought from staples new, excellent gaming monitor, super refresh rates, comes boxed with manual, cables etc, its shiny, its like new and it deserves a better home. All it does is sit on my table and eat space! Hence sale. Maybe someone out there can put it to better use!

For monitor sale , I would prefer buyer to collect so hence NY area. The advantage here is buyer gets to see goodies working perfectly in all their glory first hand.

If interested pls email me directly,


for monitor spec go here
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  1. How much for your monitor alone???

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  2. Monitor is $250 :)
  3. monitor still available - at $250 for a 19" flat trinitron, mint condition - this should be a bargain to somebody
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