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It has been quite some time since I have been to these forums, however, I have currently come across a slight issue in Windows 7 and do not know where else to turn for help as I cannot fix the problem myself.

It is only when I try to rename anything on the desktop using the right-click menu, the problem does not exist in folders.

Right clicking on any icon on the desktop then selecting 'rename' from the drop down menu, the text is highlighted without problem. Once I begin to type or change the text in any way I get "Windows Exporer has stopped working" (other applications are still usable at this point) and it is only when I click the desktop again does it refresh and reload explorer.exe.

Under details of the error all I get is the name of the error is APPCRASH and exlorer.exe for the process, the rest is hex'ish' code.

Right-clicking an icon and selecting 'properties' works fine to rename icons on the desktop. Right-click renaming works in folders.
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  1. Click Start then in the search bar type in "command" and click on the "command prompt" icon that comes up in the list.

    That will give you the Command Prompt DOS window and in there type sfc /scannow then hit enter.

    It will take a few minutes but that will determine if you have any damaged system files and eliminate that as a possible cause of your issue.

    If there are problems found during the scan you will need your Win7 installation disk.
  2. try the REN command in CMD
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