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My pc won,t boot up , keeps coming up with disk boot failure insert system disk and press enter, so i tried to reinstall windows 7 64 bit , it start loading files , asks me what country and keyboard layout comes up with install now ,custom install comes up with, (no drivers were found, click load drive to provide a mass starge driver for installation), so i try to install my sata drives to find my hard drive but they won,t install trys to but stops, then come back with the same statement
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  1. Hello huzzicuzzi;
    Bad HDD? Have you tested the HDD hooked up as the 2nd HDD in another system?
  2. no i,v tested the hd with windows and it said it either was not their or not responding,i don,t now any on with a sata to test it,try ide hard drive and it worked i think my hdd is knackered of to buy a new one i hope it is this thxs for help will reply when hopefully the new hard drive works
  3. Yep if it's still posting chances are it's a bad hdd.
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