Does number of users on wifi affect speed


I set up an AdHoc wifi network for other users to connect to internet.
My laptop is connected to a wired broadband connection. If number of users increase on the WiFi network,what are the affects on
1)My internet speed
2)My Laptop
3)Intenet speed of users
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  1. Simply yes!the more users on at the same time uses bandwith.
  2. Yes without a doubt!
  3. The more users on any network, wired or wireless, the less bandwidth available to each of them. Pretty obvious really.
  4. The type of activity also has a huge impact on performance.
    If everyone is only checking e-mail it's not likely to cause slowdowns.
    But if you have someone trying to stream a NetFlix movie and someone else running a Skype video chat you can probably forget about playing an online game as well.
  5. Basically each device on a wirless network halves the bandwidth available for other devices. Wireless acts like a hub not like a switch, where every port has full bandwidth.
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