a permanent problem with office 2007 while using Windos7.....plz tell me why on earth it doesn't work
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  1. did i mention the fact that it was an edition that did not need installation ,,,,what they call hm entrbrise edition
  2. Office 2007 is perfectly compatible with Windows 7. There are no 'permanent problems' regarding using Microsoft Office 2007 with a Windows 7 installation. If there is a a repair console within the software installation, try running that. If a CD with the software is available, try running repair.
  3. Try this. Click on Start>in the Search Box type in Control Panel and open it. From Control Panel choose 'Programs and Features' and open it. From programs and features choose the Office 2007 installation and right click it. If a repair option is available choose to repair the software installation.
  4. oh man thanx for the help....maybe will try office 2010...LOL...have had enough with this 07 office after all
  5. I'm using Office 2000 Small Business edition on all my Windows 7 64 systems. Good to have all the Service Packs and updates for stability.
  6. If you can not get it working, Open Office is free to download and install and compatible with MS word.
  7. as for the last instruction in the control panel thing...wouldnot this work if i installed the program but the fact is that was an edition that doesnna need installation..hence it wont show up in installed programs.would it?
  8. i am downloading that
    but what is it this word 07???
  9. Well, I think if Office 2007 software was installed properly on windows the program would be available in Programs and features. I don't about enterprise edition it could be part of some other program I suppose.

    You could double click on the My computer or Computer, choose the hard drive with the Windows installation and double click that hard drive. Then open Program Files and look for the office 2007 folder and open it. Look for a repair icon there.
  10. lillyjohnson said:
    i am downloading that
    but what is it this word 07???

    OPen Office is an 'office' suite including a word processor seperate from Microsoft, but is compatible with MS Office. And it's free. If you are satisfied with Open Office after you download, install and try it maybe you won't need Microsoft office. Use it in Office 2007's place.
  11. thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx very very very very very much.....u r like angel for troubled users who r so blind like me
  12. Well your welcome. Hope it works for you.
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