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The only reason I post this particular article is the fact that one small thing was mentioned that I haven't heard since Atari days..

"Family games" - Think about it.. how many consoles today are family oriented and easy to play?

This article touches on Nintendo wanting to make a game you can pick up, play.. like Super Mario games.. something new, different, fun for everyone..

When was the last time your mom picked up the PS2 or XBox controller to play you in a game?
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  1. Which really makes me a little mad... I downloaded the BF2 demo.. and what do I find? I need to upgrade just to play the stupid game.
    I don't have the high end gaming system.. but I don't have a crappy one either.

    AMD 1800+
    1.5GB DDR333
    MSI GeForce4 Ti4200 8X 128MB

    You'd think that would meet the minimum specs for most games coming out today still.

    No. It doesn't. I can't play BF2. Even though the game I've been waiting for.. I hear it sucks.. it's really buggy, yada yada yada..

    But I'm in the process of putting together a 64bitter.. but the game I want sucks now.
  2. you could probly just get by with getting a new video card.

    go tell your alien brothers, that ronnie cordova says they're gay!!! <A HREF="" target="_new"> sock baby </A>
  3. I bought a case, mobo, heat sink, and power supply already. I wanted to get a higher end PC.

    I made the mistake of going over to a local computer shop over my lunch.. I was bored.

    So I walked in to ask them about an AMD 3000+ processor, MSI 6600GT video card, and Western Digital SATA drives.

    I was told that the AMD processor is junk, it always fails, the 64 bit is junk and doens't work. The P4 64bit out performs. Actually, they told me they had a true 64 bit P4 there.. wasn't aware that came out. So I briefly argued with them, openly laughed at them.. then went on..

    Then I asked if they had any 6600GT cards in stock.. they had the 6600.. (I just wanted to know their pricing really).. so I asked if they could order the GT version.. the guy kept insisting it was 'just as good'.. which I didn't like.. I was going to argue it but I just dropped it..

    THEN I made the mistake of asking about Western Digital SATA 80GB drives.. wanted to know their pricing..
    What was I told? "Western Digital drives are the absolute worst on the market. They fail with 90 days and they only give you a 1 year warranty."
    I had to explain that they come with 3 year warranties also and that I had never heard they were the worst, but more towards the top of the line hard drive. So they kept arguing with me on that.

    The actual owner jumped in to argue that WD and AMD were junk and that the 6600 was just as good at the GT version..

    All I kept hearing is how great the pentium 4 and that AMD is having nothing but problems with the *discontinued* 64 bit platform.

    I laughed at them and left.. I guess I didn't really expect that from a computer shop..
  4. never go to that shop again thats for sure. bout 4 or 5 years ago wd had a large batch of hard drives that had a very high failure rate. where i used to work we had about 40% die within about 90 days lol. for a while i wouldnt buy wd at all. i forget what line it was, but it was when 20 and 40 gigs were mainstream.

    go tell your alien brothers, that ronnie cordova says they're gay!!! <A HREF="" target="_new"> sock baby </A>
  5. oh yea, i forgot about the gpx75s lol.

    go tell your alien brothers, that ronnie cordova says they're gay!!! <A HREF="" target="_new"> sock baby </A>
  6. I still have WD 20 and 40GB drives running without a problem and how many years has it been? I think I've been running them for 3 or 4 years now.

    The city I live in used to have a ton of little computer shops.. they all closed down because they were always pushing new stuff instead of fixing the old stuff.. or they wouldn't do what people wanted.

    Idiots. I almost lost some sleep over listening to those people.. I need to find out who they're doing business with and take it away from them. haha.
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