I messed up my partitions

Ok so I decided to install ubuntu inside my win 7 ntfs partition, but then I had problems with ubuntu and long story short I uninstalled it.

Now I'm stuck with 15gb of space on my hard drive I can't access and I don't have any backups. (yes I know I'm a idiot)

So is their anything I can do other than backing up my larger files and just doing a clean install of win 7 to get that space back?

P.S.If I left anything out that could be of use please tell me

thanks in advance, EvilMrTopHat
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  1. Go look around at WWW.MAJORGEEKS.COM , you might get lucky.....:)
  2. This is a great website : http://ss64.com/nt/
    It has most all of the command line commands and the proper syntax within the first few is the one for fixing and repairing partitions.
  3. Quote:
    You can just repair the bootloader of windows 7 that's all you have to do is boot up with the windows disk and choose the system recovery option. Let it scan for your windows installation and fix the bootloader

    but windows 7 is working fine I just have a 15 gb partition inside my window 7 partition (from installing ubuntu) that I don't know how to get rid of.
  4. there are the tips to recover deleted or lost partitions:

    and i agree with dadiggle, use partition magic or partition table doctor is the good method
  5. i used partition table doctor before, works well
  6. Thanks for your help everyone! I guess thread closed now.
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