Laptop boots and then screen goes out

The computer starts up as normal, then after it says Starting Windows the login screen does not come up. I believe this is a graphics issue. The computer continues to run, but the screen fails to come on. :o

I did a system re-image from yesterday and it does the same thing, except reboots itself after failing to start up.

The computer works just fine in Safe Mode.

RK Computer MSI MS-1675-ID1 Notebook Barebone
Intel Core i5-540M
ATI Radeon HD5730 and Intel Integrated switchable graphics
4GB ram
320GB Seagate momentus hard drive 7200rpm
Intel WiFi 5100 wifi card
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  1. Startup Repair restored the computer back to a while ago (Jan 4th 2011) and it worked fine, then screwed up again. I disabled the stupid switchable graphics and it's fine now.

    But I still have problems watching videos. About 10 seconds into the video the audio does the bdrrrrddrdrdrddrdrr and then the screen blips out and audio continues to go brrdrddrrdrdrdrd. The computer doesn't crash, but something important blips out and causes the entire system to hang. I reboot and works fine until I try the video and it blips out again.
  2. Oh and BTW that's a YouTube online video.
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