After installing, some folders became locked...

Hi there, i have concerns with my computer. After installing some programs, some of my folders became locked, it say that access was denied. how can that be when i am the owner?

i personally think this is a virus that got into my computer. after the installs, i looked through my folders and there was this file that was created in each folder... not by me. but it says, "Thumbs", it is a .db file small size, around 16 kb. I can not delete this file.

AFter finding out about this, i uninstalled the programs i installed the day before but the files still remains... any idea what this might be?


p.s. - if i have this in the wrong section, please place it in the right area and let me know that it has been moved.
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  1. set sharing to everyone when you right click!
  2. "can't be shared"
  3. why not
  4. Oh yeah, i was just looking at my "My Computer" and now my system Reserved (E:) is not visible, was never before
  5. i don't know why either....

    I right click ~> Share with ~> Specific people ~> Add ~> everyone ~> clicked "Share" ~> message, "Your folder can't be shared
  6. wow that s strange..are you using a folder lock app!
  7. no.... the programs i did install, they where "Crack" programs..... = virus?
  8. i fallow step by step of that site, it does not work either..
  9. ok hold on
  10. these are the folders that are locked from me:

    1) $Recycle.Bin
    2) Config.Msi
    3) Recovery
    4) System volume Information
  11. maybe those files are suppose to be locked? and Im not suppose to be able to see them? but they show for some reason?
  12. what are the names?
  13. yes they should be locked!
  14. okay, But under "documents" folder, "My music, my picture, and my video" is locked? i can still ge to the folder though a different way bu, on the screen it shows it as locked?
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