Computer won't start

Hello,root cause found boot critical file C:\windows\system32\drivers\kl1.system is corrupt

windows repair cannot repair yhis computer automatically

this is part of the log on the errors i get.

i use windows 7 home prem x 64

computer wont start help plaese
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  1. Sounds like a rootkit virus.
    Can you start in safemode?
    If so you may want to go into safemode with networking enabled.
    Download Malwarebytes(it's free) and update it then run a full scan.
    Remove everything it finds.
    If that doesn't solve your problems rkill which is also free might kill the virus.
  2. One other thing to try first, from safe mode do a disk check of your hard drive. If you can’t get into safe mode then boot from the Windows CD and chose repair this computer and let it automatically try and fix any problems.
  3. what do i do if i cant get into safe mode
  4. i did check disc,tried to boot to safe mode will only go into the repair screen.
  5. tes i managed to get started,it booted up when i picked start up in last known configuration,did malware bytes scan and it up and going.dont know why but im happy to be up and going again.
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