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Load everything in pagefile instead of RAM

Last response: in Windows 7
January 23, 2011 3:58:11 AM


I want to force windows 7 to load everything in "page file" instead of "RAM". Is there any way to do so?

It won't bother me to have a slow system.

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January 23, 2011 5:08:02 AM

You don't load anything into pagefile as such - it's more of a swap file. It's so closely related to RAM as to be inseparable and there's no way I can think of noting that wll do what you're asking.

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January 23, 2011 5:18:31 AM

Gobraman said:
I want to force windows 7 to load everything in "page file" instead of "RAM".
Your system won't run with 'everything' in page file.
You could install 512MB of RAM in your system. It won't keep everything in page file but its about as close as I think you probably could get.
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January 23, 2011 12:03:34 PM

I HAVE 1GB RAM, but i want to free RAM by putting all useless things in page file.

i noted that MY O.S. is not using page-file more than 100MB utmost.

what should i do instead of purchasing additional RAM?

i have tried all services related tweaks & memory defragment tools to have low RAM usage, but all creates problems to some extent in near future ending with a complete system format.

any help?
a b $ Windows 7
January 23, 2011 12:28:39 PM

You can try disabling Superfetch.

But free RAM is wasted RAM. Before you disable Superfetch read about what it does for you.
Let Win7 manage the RAM... you have better things to do. And it's MUCH better at managing RAM (even just 1GB) than you are.

Run the Resource Manager. At the Start Menu type resource and choose Resource Manager from the Programs section.
Look at the Memory section. The amount of 'free' RAM available for your programs is a total of both Standby and Free. Standby is Superfetch programs/data/files waiting for your CPU to call for them. If your programs need more RAM Win7 will free up the Standby RAM and the system put it IN USE.

January 24, 2011 2:19:00 AM

:hello:  I have tried disabling superfetch, it decreased the STANDBY RAM (upto 50%).
BUT my allocated page-file still remains unused.

What could I do to force the usage of page-file to some extent?
a c 209 $ Windows 7
January 24, 2011 5:12:54 AM

Gobraman said:
I want to force windows 7 to load everything in "page file" instead of "RAM". Is there any way to do so?
Windows manages memory automatically - there's no way to "force" stuff into the page file. The best you can do is to avoid loading stuff into RAM in the first place by turning off services and not starting programs you don't need.

What you're asking for really doesn't make any sense. If you have a system without very much RAM, then Windows already does a much better job of managing RAM and the pagefile than you could do manually. If you have a system with enough RAM, then it's counterproductive to try to prevent the system from using it as fully as it can.

BUT my allocated page-file still remains unused.
It's perfectly OK for your pagefile to be unused. If your pagefile is never more than, say, 10% full then the answer isn't to try to fill it up, the answer is to reduce the size of the pagefile so that you have more disk space available for other use. And frankly with the size of modern disks even that isn't really an issue.

The pagefile is to RAM kind of like what a storage shed is to your house. Just because your storage shed isn't full doesn't mean you've got to run out to the store and buy a bunch of stuff to fill it up. You'd only buy that stuff if you actually had a need for it, not just because your shed is empty. And if you had plenty of room in your basement (RAM) then you wouldn't need to put it in the storage shed in the first place.
a b $ Windows 7
January 24, 2011 5:39:06 AM

RAM is there to be used. I don't see the use in trying to free more of it up so that it just sits there idling.
January 24, 2011 5:55:24 AM

Do you even know what the page file is for?

It's for everything that doesn't fit into RAM, or things that you really would need access too or access very often. Reading things from the pagefile would probably cause a performance hit, and the application you're using would slow down to a crawl.

You wouldn't have a "slow" system, but a "really really slow one" instead.

Best solution

a b $ Windows 7
January 24, 2011 7:05:38 AM

WinCleaner Memory Optimizer 5?
Windows 7 RAM management strategy is far too different from WinXP RAM management to depend on an XP era "RAM Optimizer" that was never very good in the first place. (see c/Net Editors review comments). And it's not suitable for use on Win7 (or Vista).

If you are expecting that XP RAM knowledge is still suitable for Win7 you're making a fundamental error in judgment or understanding how Win7's advanced features have evolved.

Windows memory management is rocket science.
a b $ Windows 7
January 24, 2011 7:22:41 AM

I find that Windows 7 is far better at managing memory than I could ever be. Just let it do its job and don't mess with things that you don't fully understand.
January 24, 2011 9:19:29 AM

Best answer selected by gobraman.
January 24, 2011 12:24:59 PM

Essentially ,,, a page file ( or swap space in Linux) is a Backup RAM. You can run the system with a zero pagefile but not with zero RAM.

The best RAM optimizer till date in the world is the OS itself, period.

Win XP RAM optimizer is not as efficient as Win 7 but is far better then Vista. And using third party RAM optimizer too often will hang your applications as they never can know in advance what applications are needed to be loaded and for how long, only kernel knows it.

I think what you are trying to achieve is trying to get away with 1 GB RAM and with the help of Pagefile want your system to behave as if it has 2 GB or more RAM.

Well, nice try,, but will not work :non:  . The simple reason is Pagefile processing is lot and lot slower then RAM as it is on your hard drive while RAM is a compact network of superfast Registers and Transistors which are way faster. And since this fact is hardcoded in the OS kernel, you will never be able to befool OS to start using Pagefile instead of RAM. For this reason it is often said that keep your pagefile minimum duble the RAM as in that case OS will bring the delayed appications in page file and keep there pointers information in the RAM so RAM can access them when needed.