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Is video game useful for children?
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  1. a rather vague statement dont you think?

    there are pros and cons to this.

    i could be equally vague and state: is chocolate good for children? obviously we know that the answer is not so simple!
  2. @harriet

    instead of playing video games the parents should be taking the children outside of the house for some much needed physical activity. this is a healthy way of spending time with the children.

    putting too much focus on gaming can lead to become sociopaths with no real grasp on reality. spending too much time gaming also leads towards an unhealthy lifestyle combined with a higher risk of obesity.

    the verdict? game time is not a bad idea but should be limited. physical activities should always take priority. instead of video games try turning to mental games such as board games or word games.
  3. I think it is. But you have to make sure the children would have self- discipline. One problem I encountered when I used to play is controlling myself/ making myself stop.
  4. Yeah giving them a time limit is a necessity. China is trying to, or might already now, put a cap on gaming time for children under 18. As for benefits for gaming there's been tests showing increases in hand eye coordination and reflexes. I've also heard that with how advanced technology is today brain development is changing as we're subliminally not retaining the same information we used because we know that a quick google search will get it.
    Here's a few good reads about this subject:
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