Installing OS on home built computer, wondering if I should slipstream

Topic, is it safer to slipstream the latest updates for windows 7 before I introduce my new computer to the internet. This is my first build and install in a while (6 years). Also if you can link any tips on how to properly slip stream drivers and service pack on to a new computer, that would be great. I kind of know how to do it from articles but I thought this board would be of help. Thanks in advance.
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    Hello chickenlilcurry;
    It should be safe to forgo the slipstream build and just let Windows auto-update after the ordinary install.

    I'd save the extra work that a slipstream build would entail unless you're building multiple systems. Or maybe until after the 2nd service pack.
  2. Win7 Service Pack 1 looks like it's gone RTM but still isn't generally available unless you subscribe to TechNet.
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  4. Thanks for the help, Im new to windows 7. I've been using a macbook for the pass two years.
  5. I think you'll like Win7. Any other questions?

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