i have an acer laptop and the security sticker with the activation num but i

i have an acer laptop but the security sticker with the activation code on it is unreadable i cant activate my windows 7 home premium without it is their anything i can do
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  1. Hello mccrea6262;
    Have you tried a bright light and a magnifying glass?
    If that doesn't help ACER should have a record of the activation code from the manufacturing process.
  2. yes but cant make anything out ime realy at my wits end and any help would be appreciated is their any direct link to acer where i can find out about the record
  3. Is your laptop running? There are programs that can look up the activation key for you.
  4. thank you for ure help much appreciated
  5. You're welcome.
    Let us know how things turn out.
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