Getting occassional Memory Management BSoD

Hi all

I would appreciate some help. Self built pc, had quite a few issues but sorted most/all of them over time. 7 would never run stabley but I changed BIOS Ram timing and power settings and suddenly it ran 'perfectly'. The inverted commas are because I now get random BSOD, always Memory Management.

I notice people seem to upload some log file to here and that lets you advise, how would I do that?

Thank you all in advance.
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  1. Why don't you run the built-in Windows Memory Diagnostics program or better yet
    If your ram sticks pass i would look at my Gpu drivers.
  2. Hi

    I ran memtest and the 7 memory tester, both gave each stick over a dozen passes with zero errors. I have since moved the sticks around and the computer now runs 'perfectly' except:
    - Still get BSoD for memory management, though less frequently
    - Every time I start any game I get the intro (usually) then 90% of the time I get a black screen with a horrid purple blob on it like my pc has crashed. I Alt-Tab, generally then get a message my card driver has failed and recovered. I alt-tab back and the game is running fine. And I mean fine, no issues at all, high fps and graphics quality even on such as Black Ops (though one explosion did cause a repeat of the above, but 2 x Alt-Tab fixed that)

    My graphics drivers are up to date (and always have been). Odd isn't it!
  3. Get a known good card from a friend or my favorite trick "Borrow" one from best buy or staples. I'm willing to bet the issues has something to do with your graphics card. Try a program like whocrashed you would be surprised at what programs will invoke a generic BSoD
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