HP DeskJet 842C - how does one get the case open?

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Short of using a precision tool such as a 10-pound hammer to open the case,
where are the majik clips that keep this Deskjet 842C case held together?

There are two Torx screws, one on each side of the flip-up lid, and that's
all I've found. It seems like the end pieces should pull upwards, but this
thing seems to be clipped together better than a Chinese puzzle box.

(Yes, I am aware that these finely crafted quality printers are considered
disposable commodities and are hardly worth the wear and tear it takes to do
any kind of maintenance short of loading ink and paper, but I am determined
to see if I can revive this doorstop.)

Anybody here able to provide guidance on opening this puppy up?
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  1. I have an HP 812. I'm going to suppose the case is very much the same for I like you wanted to find a hammer. I got mine open. Briefly here's how:

    The plastic side panels are independent. They have tabs the hook into the metal frame on their front a back faces about an inch up from the bottom .

    Take a flat head a screw driver (average size flat head) and slide up under the front or back edge of one of the sides from the bottom and you'll see it. Basically you have to free the front and back tabs, then the side panel peals out and away from the printer from the top--it's kind of like a opening a pickup truck tail gate.

    1. Clear all loose components from the printer and turn it up one a side so your looking at the bottom of the chassis. I had another set of hands and it made this easier.

    2. Insert the screw driver under the plastic edge of front edge of the panel and turn it gently so you can see underneath. The plastic tab the locks into the frame will be apparent.

    3. Taking the top of the panel wiggle it trying to pull the top down to the side on this edge so the tab is past the catch point.

    4. Shift to the rear side of the panel, insert the screw driver and repeat. Once both front and rear tabs are free, turn the printer back to sit on it's frame and gently pull the side panel down to the side. It hinges on the tabs you see in the bottom of the frame.

    5. Repeat for the other side.


    It might be easier using two flat head drivers--one to wedge under and free the front tab and the second to wedge under the rear and free the rear tab. With the tabs free, pull the top down to the side.

    A second set of hands is helpful. The other person can hold the printer up on one side [edge side] while you try to wedge the driver under the side your trying to free.
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